Slovakia Has Registered More Than 400,000 Ukrainian Refugees Since War Started

The Ministry of Interior of Slovenia has announced that on May 20, 3,266 persons crossed the border crossing points at the entrance of the Slovak Republic.

In a statement issued on May 21, the Ministry revealed that a total of 737 men, 2,049 women, and 480 children were among them. Meanwhile, 209 applicants sought temporary accommodation, reports.

The total number of people from Ukraine who have entered the territory of Slovakia since the beginning of the war has reached 442,648. Whereas, the number of refugees who have sought temporary protection in Slovakia since March 1 turns out to be 77,184.

According to the Ministry, on May 20, the exit from Slovakia to Ukraine counted 3,828 people crossing the border between the two countries.

All activities related to refugees from Ukraine were provided by 69 police officers, 69 firefighters, 106 customs officers, 156 soldiers, 116 volunteers, two priests, 44 members of foreign forces, and 20 employees of the migration office,” the statement reads.

Meanwhile, 12 buses were sent, transporting 184 people, and another 27 were transported by train.

In this regard, the Minister of the Interior of the Slovak Republic, Roman Mikulec, revealed that the Ministry has already paid €2.5 million to the local governments dealing with refugees. As a result, 6,389 housing providers were offered for 23,445 people to be accommodated.

We are currently processing summary documents from local governments for the month of April, which the municipalities were obliged to deliver by May 16. The municipalities will receive money from the Ministry by the end of May, ” he also noted.

As of May 15, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is also registering refugees in the database to launch financial assistance, which will begin on June 15.

At the same time, all persons in need can also apply for financial assistance from the International Red Cross in the centres with large capacity and financial assistance that is being prepared.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, the Slovak Ministry of the Interior has shown its readiness to assist in integrating refugees.

According to the Ministry, on the day of the Russian aggression in Ukraine on February 24, about 160,000 Ukrainians resided legally in Slovakia. However, on May 20, their number expanded by more than 76,000.

The Ministry also revealed that only about 10 per cent of adult males make up this number, which means that the vast majority are women and children.

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