Number of Refugees From Ukraine Reaches 3 Million, Almost Half of Them Children

Since Russia began Ukraine’s invasion on February 24, the United Nations has announced that more than three million Ukrainian refugees have left their home country, seeking shelter in the neighbouring countries and further.

“Today, we have passed another terrible milestone: three million refugees have fled from Ukraine. The war has to stop. Now,” UNHCR chief Filippo Grandi said in a Twitter post on March 15.

According to UNHCR, 2,969,600 Ukrainians have fled away from the country, while International Organisation for Migration (IOM) said about 157,000 third-country nationals had also fled within the borders of Ukraine, reports.

In addition, the UN children’s agency (UNICEF) said that around half of those who had fled from Ukraine were children.

UNHCR initially claimed the number of people who could leave could reach four million by June, but the current fleeing trends show that such a thing will happen even before June.

The countries to which most Ukrainian refugees are seeking a safe haven are:

  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Moldova
  • Hungary
  • Slovakia

As of March 15, Poland has welcomed nearly 1,900,000 Ukrainians. Polish authorities have revealed that a total of 27 waiting points have been set up across the country for people fleeing Ukraine. All refugees are provided with food, basic medical care, and accommodation at these reception points.

According to UNHCR’s recent data, around 459,485 Ukrainian refugees have fled into the other EU country Romania. The Ministry of Interior of Romania has also announced that the responsible authorities have made it possible to operate mobile camps to accommodate all individuals fleeing the war, located in the counties of Suceava, Maramureş and Tulcea.

Ukrainian refugees are heading to even the poorest country in Europe, Moldova, to flee the ongoing war in their own country. Data show that about 337,215 Ukrainians have been registered in Moldova since March 14.

Hungary has also provided temporary shelters to accommodate all refugees without family members. The Prime Minister of Hungary has announced that many centres have been set up in Hungary, providing food and shelter for all persons coming from Ukraine and needing to stay longer. Since Russia invaded Ukraine, around 267,570 refugees from this country have entered Hungary.

As for Slovakia, the EU Commission, through a press release, announced that all those Ukrainian refugees and their families are able to apply electronically for temporary protection in Slovakia. Available data from UNHCR show that over 213,000 refugees have crossed into Slovakia.

Moreover, Ireland, Greece, Croatia and Luxembourg are among the countries that have received a significant number of refugees, despite being thousands of miles from Ukraine. Meanwhile, in terms of the country which has received a high percentage of refugees concerning its population is the Czech Republic.

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