Norway: Ukrainian & Russian Nationals Filed Most Asylum Applications This Month

1,189 Ukrainian nationals have filed asylum applications in Norway during week 16 – remaining the top nationality to seek protection in the Nordic country for another week.

According to data from the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI), the remaining nationalities to apply for asylum have been Russians (four applications), Turks (11), Afghanistani (four) and Syrians (ten), reports.

In total, during week 16, 1,236 asylum applications were submitted to Norwegian authorities, with the highest share of those being filed by Ukrainians – 96.2 per cent of all applications. However, compared to the previous week, when 2,130 asylum applications were filed from Ukrainians, this number has dropped by 44.1 per cent, and a further 49.5 per cent compared to week 14 when 2,357 applications were submitted.

More specifically, data from the three most recent weeks show that the number of applications, in general, is dropping, but with a slight increase being recorded in applications filed by Turks and Syrians.

These two nationalities have shown a minor increase in applications filed, starting with seven applications filed by Turks in Week 14, followed by six in the next week and 11 in Week 16, while Syrians filed five applications for asylum in Week 14, three in the following week and ten in Week 16 – making up for a small scale of applications filed throughout the month.

In addition, Russians filed fewer applications for international protection in Norway in April as the number of such applications started at 15 in Week 14, dropped to 14 in the following week and plunged to four in the recent week.

Moreover, the data reveals that other countries have also filed fewer applications for asylum in week 16 – 18 of those, in comparison to 39 filed last week and 29 submitted in the previous week to it.

In conclusion, a total of approximately 5,856 asylum applications have been registered by Norwegian immigration authorities so far this month.

The Nordic country has stretched its hand to Ukrainian nationals since the Russian invasion occurred on February 24. Just recently, the Norwegian Education Ministry announced the allocation of 1,000 study places for international students, granting an advantage to Ukrainian nationals.

“It is important that refugees from Ukraine, who want to take higher education while they are here, get the opportunity to do so. At the same time, we do not want the needle guild to get into studies for Norwegian seafarers to be smaller. That is why we are increasing the educational capacity at universities and colleges by 1,000 places,” Minister of Research and Higher Education Ola Borten Moe said.

The Minister also noted that nearly 35,000 refugees are expected to relocate in Norway by the end of the year – a figure which can easily be exceeded provided the fact that over 5,000 refugees have already reached Norway by the first two months post-invasion.

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