Lithuania Exempts From Language Requirements Ukrainian Refugees Wishing to Get Employed

The Lithuanian government has announced that persons fleeing the war in Ukraine who are granted temporary protection in Lithuania will be exempted from language requirements for certain jobs.

A statement issued on Monday, April 4, by the European Commission’s Website on Integration said that language proficiency is usually a mandatory condition of employment in many sectors in Lithuania, such as teaching, reports.

When it comes to employing those with temporary protection, it will now be up to employers to decide whether the professional duties of the role can be performed without or with limited command of the Lithuanian language.

“As of March 4, all those who have fled Ukraine since the Russian invasion are eligible to apply for temporary protection in Lithuania. Those Ukrainians were legally residing in Lithuania before the military aggression began. This resolution grants them temporary protection for one year, in line with the EU’s Temporary Protection Directive,” the statement reads.

According to the Ministry of Social Insurance and Labour, the temporary protection status can even be extended for one year if necessary.

Lithuanian state offers temporary protection to Ukrainian refugees in order to mitigate the risk of social and economic exclusion.

The current situation in Ukraine has led many other European countries, especially those neighbouring the country, to open their doors in support of refugees coming from Ukraine.

In order for Ukrainian refugees to benefit from temporary protection, the following countries have provided specific information regarding the requirements to be met by refugees:

  • In Austria, Ukrainian citizens have the right to apply for temporary protection status, including those with international protection status issued by Ukraine and their family members.
  • France has also allowed the application of temporary protection for all Ukrainian refugees. Applicants must submit photographic identification documents and other documents confirming civil status and detailed information regarding the conditions of entry and arrival in France.
  • Temporary Protection status is also acceptable in Hungary for Ukrainian citizens and spouses and minor children in Ukraine before February 24.
  • In Belgium, all Ukrainian citizens residing in Ukraine and those of third countries or stateless persons enjoying protection in Ukraine together with their families have the right to apply for temporary protection.
  • Bulgaria has a visa-free travel agreement with Ukraine, which allows Ukrainian citizens to enter Bulgaria only by presenting a biometric passport and staying in the country for up to 90 days.
  • Citizens of Ukraine who wish to enter the border of Croatia must present a passport or identity card, which is all this country requires to enter. In this regard, border police officers will give instructions on what to do next.

In addition, other countries that have also provided total support to Ukrainian refugees facing war in their own countries are Poland, Norway, Malta, Latvia, Ireland, Romania, Spain, and many others.

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