Germany: Ukrainian Refugees Allowed to Apply Online for Residence Permits in More Than 50 Municipalities & Districts

The Federal Ministry of the Interior of Germany (BMI) has announced that the online multilingual service for electronic residence permit applications for Ukrainian refugees will now be available on the help portal

In a statement issued last week on April 29, BMI stated that the online application has been made possible in a pilot operation that more than 50 German immigration authorities have launched from ten federal states, reports.

The countries to which this online service is connecting their local authorities are: Brandenburg, Bavaria, Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Lower Saxony, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Schleswig-Holstein, and Thuringia are currently related.

According to the BMI, the online application was developed within a few weeks with the participation of Ukrainian war refugees.

The online application can also be used for Ukrainian refugees to complete their application in a central country and branch it out with more than 50 immigration authorities. Refugees coming from Ukraine can also see if it is now possible to submit a digital application at their place of residence by entering their postal code or presenting their current location.

Commenting on the issue, the Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser said that Germany will provide a central, secure and digital point of contact for all persons fleeing Ukraine – mobile to mobile in Ukrainian, Russian, German and English.


“With the online application for the residence permit, we can offer refugees easy digital access. This is already possible with more than 50 immigration authorities in ten federal states. We are calling on other federal states and municipalities to quickly participate in this digital offer,” the Minister said.

The BMI has also indicated that Ukrainian refugees still have to appear on the ground with authority to verify their identity and register biometric data.

“The online service for the residence permit is operated by the Brandenburg Ministry of the Interior and Municipal Affairs (MIK) and is centrally integrated into Germany4Ukraine. Together with the Federal Ministry of the Interior and the Federal Foreign Office, Brandenburg is in charge of the Online Access Act topic “Immigration and Emigration,” the statement reads.

Besides, the online residence permit service has also been dubbed as a one-for-all service that also runs once and operates centrally.

As far as the competent authorities are concerned, they can all be connected to the service through standardised interfaces to avoid duplication of work and provide users with central access despite decentralised responsibilities.

Moreover, Secretary of State Dr. Markus Richter, CIO of the federal government, said that the implementation of the online service for residence permits proves once again that the principle of “one for all” is the right way to implement digital services in a friendly and cooperative way. He also noted that the example underlines that administration can be quickly digitised if the technical and IT competencies of federal, state and local authorities work together.

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