Germany to Provide €2 Billion to Federal States Accommodating & Integrating Ukrainian Refugees

The German leaders have agreed on a package that aims to help federal states to integrate as well as accommodate refugees from Ukraine.

Such an agreement was reached on Thursday, April 7, after hours of negotiations between German state premiers and Chancellor Olaf Scholz, reports.

According to Deutsche Welle, the German state leaders agreed that Ukrainian refugees who are already in Germany should receive a similar level of support as the Hartz IV welfare programme, or else known as the unemployment benefit.

The Hartz IV welfare programme that Germany has provides an average amount of around €400 per month to each person. This means that refugees from Ukraine will soon be able to receive such an amount as Scholz revealed that this scheme would start running as of June 1.

The same source has noted that the basic social security system that Germany currently has will make it easier for Ukrainians to integrate as well as stay in Germany. Thus, Ukrainians will be able to have access to more resources while in Germany as well as will have easier access to healthcare institutions, job centres, and German language courses.

The German authorities have revealed that around 316,000 Ukrainian refugees have entered the country so far.

Previously, reported that approximately 84 per cent of the total number of Ukrainians who have reached Germany are women.

The systematic survey conducted from March 24 to March 29 on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of the Interior shows that of all the women, 58 per cent of them left Ukraine with their children, and only 17 per cent of them came unaccompanied.

“The most important things for the respondents at the current location are financial help, medical care, and assistance with dealing with authorities, but also free local transport, their own apartment or permanent accommodation, and contact persons who speak Ukrainian. Fifty-two per cent of respondents consider psychological help to be important,” a part of the report reads.

Taking into account such large numbers of refugees, as well as considering that the majority of them are women and children, the German states asked the government to provide support.

Apart from receiving help from the government, the German states will soon be able to benefit from an EU scheme too.

The Council of the European Union has approved a disbursement of €3.5 billion to the Member States welcoming Ukrainian refugees. Thus, under Recovery Assistance for Cohesion and the Territories of Europe and the Fund for European Aid to Most Deprived, Germany will soon receive a percentage of pre-financing.

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