German MIA Proposes Permitting Migrants to Apply for Residence Permits With Extended Validity

The Minister of Interior of Germany, Nancy Faeser, has proposed that the country starts applying new residency rules for migrants who have been living in Germany for over five years with a ‘Duldung’.

According to Info Migrants, Faeser put forward a 20-page draft law concerning the matter. If the new law gets passed, migrants who are currently living in Germany will be able to apply for a longer-term residency and reside legally, reports.

This particular law that has been proposed by Faeser is part of a packet that includes various migration proposals. These proposals were promised to be announced before the German parliament breaks for the summer recess.

These different proposals would be voted at the beginning of autumn, Info Migrants explains.

It has been pointed out that the draft law will benefit those who have not yet received or have been refused international protection but hold a so-called ‘Duldung’ that has been issued by the German authorities.

The same source explains that Duldung is a temporary stay permit. This type of document is not an actual residence permit but rather a residence document that enables migrants to stay legally in Germany for a limited period.

Duldung is issued to migrants who have been refused full residency of international protection. In some cases, a Duldung is also issued to persons who can’t be sent back to their home country due to different reasons. In addition, the document is issued to pregnant women or those who are staying in Germany for study purposes.

Apart from the above-mentioned, Duldung can also be issued to individuals who should be deported. The document is only issued for a short period. Nonetheless, migrants might receive several Duldungs at the same time, thus allowing them to live or work in Germany for more than five years.

The decision to grant residency permits to these groups of persons comes after the German authorities acknowledged that persons who have stayed in Germany for several years should have the right to start planning their lives more long-term.

In line with the new rules, Berliner Zeitung says that migrants will initially be issued only a one-year residency permit. After this period is over, migrants will be asked to provide proof that they have been learning German. In addition, they will also be required to prove that they can support themselves financially.

When the trial is over, migrants could be issued with a long-term residency permit provided that they fulfil the two above-mentioned criteria.

It is estimated that over 100,000 migrants have been living in Germany for over five years under this scheme.

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