Finland: Ukrainian Refugees Can Start Work Immediately After Applying for Temporary Protection

The Ministry of Interior of Finland has announced that Ukrainian refugees applying for temporary protection have the right to work as soon as they submit their application.

In a statement issued last week on April 8, the Ministry stressed that refugees from Ukraine do not have to wait for a residence permit or a residence card to work since an application registration certificate is sufficient, reports.

“In the future, the police or the border authority will issue a certificate of registration to the applicants for temporary protection. If necessary, previous applicants for temporary protection can, if necessary, apply for a certificate from the Finnish Immigration Service,” the statement reads.

Temporary protection is based on the EU Temporary Protection Directive. The Directive clarified that the person covered by it is protected, so the European Commission gains the right to work as soon as he or she submits his or her application for temporary protection and obtains a certificate of registration.

In addition, in Finland, under foreign law, a person has the right to work if he or she has a residence permit based on temporary protection.

According to the Ministry of the Interior, this law does not provide for a specific date when the temporary protection seeker darts benefit from it, but it has been interpreted that the right to work begins with the granting of a stay permit.

“This has ensured that the person is entitled to temporary protection and that the situation does not subsequently cause surprises for the employee or employer. However, the time taken for the residence permit process has affected when a person has been able to start work,” the statement also explains.

As the Temporary Protection Directive is in use throughout the EU for the first time, similarly to Finland, this is also the first time that temporary residence permits based on temporary protection are issued throughout the whole block.

The Finnish Immigration Service of Finland has announced that since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the number of refugees fleeing the country and seeking temporary protection in Finland has continued to rise, and since the invasion until April 5, 9257 Ukrainian citizens have sought international protection in Finland.

Most of these refugees seeking temporary protection are mainly children and women.

The Finnish Immigration Service, meanwhile, began issuing temporary protection residence permits to people fleeing Ukraine a little over a week ago. So far, 409 decisions for temporary protection have been issued.

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