Eurostat: Number of Ukrainians That Received Temporary Protection Drops in Poland While Increased in Bulgaria & Lithuania

More countries are offering temporary protection statuses to Ukrainians leaving their country due to the ongoing war, with Poland granting the most – a total of 675,085, followed by Czechia (244,650) and Slovakia (58,750).

According to the European Office for Statistics, Eurostat, nine of the main countries to experience an increasing number of temporary protection permit receivers during April of 2022, including Bulgaria and Lithuania, with the countries counting 30,965 and 21,800 people, respectively, reports.

On the other hand, Poland, Slovakia and Portugal all saw decreases in the number of temporary protection statuses granted to Ukrainians in April, with 249,465, 45,310 and 15,635 fewer people, respectively, being recorded this month.

In addition, the number of Russians and Belarus surges in the EU Member States, with 575 Russians and 325 Belarusians being recorded in Poland alone.

As the country with the highest ratio of Ukrainian citizens with temporary protection in March, Czechia holds the first spot, with 22.9 people being granted temporary protection per one thousand inhabitants, followed by Poland (17.8), Slovakia (10.8) and Estonia (10.5).

Data further shows that the number of Ukrainian children accounted for the largest group granted temporary protection in Poland, as 361,565 people or 54 per cent of Ukrainians were granted protection in Poland in March. Czechia is ranked second with 96,740, or 40 per cent, while Slovakia counted 24,130 Ukrainian children with temporary protection status, representing 41 per cent of the total.

Furthermore, data available for all countries indicates that children below the age of 14 represented three-quarters or more of all children being holders of temporary protection in recent months.

In addition, two-thirds or more of Ukrainians granted temporary protection were women, including young girls. The largest number of women who received temporary protection were reported by Poland, with 446,660, or 66 per cent of the Ukrainians were offered protection in Poland in March. Once again, Czechia follows with 163,190, or 67 per cent, while Slovakia counted 41,370, representing 70 per cent of the total.

On the other hand, among males granted temporary protection in the EU Member States, boys below 18 years old were prioritised as more of those were granted the permit.

Previously, InfoMigrants revealed that since the start of the war in Ukraine, over 348,000 Ukrainians had reached Czechia, which has led to the latter’s job vacancies being filled.

More specifically, data from the Czech employment officers shows that about 50,000 Ukrainian refugees have been hired in sectors the country was facing labour shortages, which can push those not working there to lose welfare benefits.

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