Switzerland Offered Protection to 22,965 Ukrainians in April, Data Shows

A total of 22,965 Ukrainians fleeing their country received protection status S from the Swiss government in April, with 22,890 registering for protection status in April and 114 of the applications filed by Ukrainians being denied due to not meeting the necessary criteria, the authorities reveal.

According to a press release issued by the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM), a total of 1,268 asylum applications were submitted to the authorities – down by 3.4 per cent compared to the previous month and up by 418 applications compared to the corresponding time in 2021, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

The main countries of origin are Afghanistan, with 260 applications filed, Turkey (247), Eritrea (156), Syria (83), and Algeria (62). The application rate for the majority of these countries dropped in comparison with the previous month, as 54 fewer applications were filed from nationals of Afghanistan; 14 from Eritrea, three from Syria, and 18 from Algeria. On the other hand, the number of applications from Turk nationals rose – 56 more than in the previous month.

From the total number of applications filed in April, 68.5 per cent or 869 of those were primary applications, indicating applicants were requesting asylum protection for the first time in Switzerland, which was below March numbers by 20 applications. The main countries of origin for such applications were:

  • Afghanistan with a total of 225 applications, 62 fewer than in March
  • Algeria with 61 applications, 19 less than in the previous month
  • Georgia with 43 applications, remaining on the same levels for two constructive months
  • Turkey with 146 applications, 51 more than in the previous month
  • Syria with 38, seven more than in March

As per administrative statistics, SEM processed a total of 954 applications in April, with 246 non-admission decisions determined, 186 of which were based on the Dublin Agreement. The latter obliges refugees to register as asylum seekers in the country they first arrive in. In addition, 327 people were granted asylum, and 190 were admitted as part of the first-instance processing. The number of pending cases in the first instance surged by 347 to 4,786 in April.

“In April, 350 people left Switzerland in a controlled manner or were returned to their country of origin or a third country. Switzerland asked another Dublin state to take over 369 people, and 128 people were transferred to the responsible Dublin state in the same period. At the same time, Switzerland was asked by other Dublin states to take over 283 people, and 58 people were handed over to Switzerland,” SEM’s report explains.

Moreover, 26 people entered the Swiss territory as part of the resettlement program, which for 2022 and 2023, is estimated to take a total of 1,600 particularly vulnerable refugees who aren’t considered safe in the countries of first reception. Furthermore, a total of 220 refugees of such category could not benefit from the resettlement program of 2020/2021 due to delays caused by the pandemic.

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