Swiss Army Is Sheltering Hundreds of Refugees Fleeing the War in Ukraine

Hundreds of Ukrainian refugees who are fleeing their homeland due to the war are being helped by the Swiss army, which is providing them with shelter and protection.

The State Secretariat for Migration in Switzerland (SEM) has requested that in addition to the Bülach Barracks (ZH), which assists in the emergency accommodation of refugees, the Bure Barracks (JU) be made available to assist in supporting and protecting those who come from Ukraine.

In a statement issued on March 16 by SEM, it was announced that most people have already been admitted to Bülach and Bure, where a total of 1,800 places are temporarily available, 500 in Bülach and 1,300 in Bure, reports.

Meanwhile, 1,300 sleeping beds can be used to temporarily accommodate refugees until March 27.

In addition, SEM has also announced that it is in constant contact with the army and, if necessary, will offer further army establishments in transport and accommodation.

“With Bure, the army is already providing the second barracks temporarily. Previously, she had made the Bülach barracks available to the SEM to temporarily accommodate up to 500 refugees. The first refugees were admitted to the Bülach barracks yesterday, March 15. In addition, the first refugees are moving into the Bure barracks today,” the statement reads.

In a Twitter post today, SEM reported that over 7,903 refugees from Ukraine have been registered so far, of which 3,664 are accommodated privately.

The Federal Council of Switzerland has decided on March 11 to activate protection status S for all persons who decide to leave Ukraine because of the war and seek protection from Switzerland.

Normally, Ukrainians can enter the country without a visa and stay free in the Schengen area for 90 days. However, due to the war, Ukrainian refugees can continue to stay in Switzerland for a year or even longer due to the granting of protection status.

“With protection status S, collective protection can be granted to a certain group of people for the duration of a serious threat, especially during a war. The right of residence in Switzerland is limited to one year but can be extended. Status S also enables those in need of protection to join family members. It largely corresponds to the EU member states’ solution,” the Federal Council stated.

In addition, Swiss Refugee Aid (SFH) will accommodate all persons arriving in Switzerland with private hosts or cantonal structures in cooperation with the cantons. Swiss Refugee Aid staff are also present at federal asylum centres and are organising everything needed to accommodate Ukrainians.

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