Since Beginning of War, Slovakia Has Registered Almost 270,000 Ukrainian Refugees

One month has passed since the start of the war in Ukraine, and as of March 25, 269,111 refugees have crossed the Slovak-Ukrainian border.

In a statement issued on March 25, the Slovak Interior Ministry announced that the usual number of entries into Slovakia from Ukraine before the conflict was 1,400, reports.

According to the Ministry, amongst those that reached the country from Ukraine since February 24, 248,759 were Ukrainians, which means more than 92 per cent. On the other hand, there were 12,106 citizens of third countries and 8,245 citizens.

In addition, the ministry stated that citizens from 145 different countries arrived in Slovakia within a month.

“Among the refugees were 104,413 children, 129,367 women, and 35,331 men. The highest number of refugees in one day was recorded on February 27, at 15,968.” the statement reads.

The largest number of children was registered on February 27 in Slovakia, which reached about 7,126. On March 21, Slovakia registered the lowest number of incoming refugees, over 3,356.

Slovakia has been offering temporary shelter to all Ukrainian refugees arriving in the country since March 1, so the circle of people who have applied for it has expanded since March 17.

“As of March 1, 2022, 52,042 people requested temporary refuge. Of these, 51,801 were Ukrainians. There were 22,525 children,” the ministry pointed out in this regard.

Recent data from the United Nations shows that as of March 26, Slovakia has welcomed 272,012 Ukrainian refugees on its territory.

Slovakia, through this temporary accommodation, allows Ukrainians fleeing the war to work, to have the right to health or social care, children can also attend schools and kindergartens. These people can return to Slovakia again without any problems even if they travel to other EU countries and Ukraine.

The second-largest number of applicants for temporary asylum comes from the Russian Federation with 115 people, while the third ranks Belarus with 16 people.

The most significant number of applications for temporary asylum in one day was registered on March 3, when there were a total of 3,330 applicants.

In a press release issued on March 14, the European Commission announced that Ukrainian citizens and their families can apply for temporary protection in Slovakia electronically, which can be done through the online services of the Ministry of Interior.

The Slovak Republic has also announced that it will provide the Institute for Temporary Housing for eligible applicants by the end of 2022.

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