Norway Ready to Transfer 2,500 Ukrainian Refugees From Moldova to Its Territory

The Norwegian government has decided to transfer about 2,500 Ukrainian refugees from Moldova, who have fled their homes in Ukraine, seeking safe shelter from the war.

In a press release issued on Monday, March 28, the Ministry of Justice and Public announced that the Norwegian authorities had sent instructions to the immigration administration to start preparations last week, reports.

According to the Ministry, the Norwegian government will also transfer staff to 550 patients through a special solution for the medical evacuation of Ukrainian patients to the EU/ EEA.

The government has announced that the first patients have already arrived.

On the same day, Minister of Justice and Emergency Management Emilie Enger Mehl attended an extraordinary meeting of the EU Minister Of Justice and Home Affairs in Brussels to discuss the situation in Ukraine. Topics covered included the refugee situation, EU external border control and other security issues.

In this regard, Minister Mehl noted that it was essential for Norway to start the transfer of refugees from Moldova as soon as possible.

Norway has requested that we get lists of people that we can transfer from Moldova. The government is concerned that we get progress in the work, so that we can help and relieve Moldova, and that we get people who need help in safety,” Minister Mehl also pointed out.

According to the Minister, more work needs to be done to prevent criminals from trying to exploit people in crisis, pointing out that the Norwegian government will help in this regard and fight trafficking in human beings.

She also called on goodwill people to refrain from organizing private transport of Ukrainian refugees between European countries, highlighting that such moves could increase the risk of human trafficking. Making her point, she also pointed out that people who have been reported or convicted of child sexual abuse are involved in transporting refugees to Norway.

“There is also a risk that people who do not have good intentions in Norway will come here in hiding from the influx of refugees. We believe it is important that the transfer of refugees takes place under national auspices and in an orderly manner, both to protect the refugees and so that we have control over who comes to Norway,” she noted.

On Thursday, March 24, the country’s government announced that nearly 2,000 refugees from Ukraine had reached Norway.

Whereas, on March 25, Germany accepted the first 134 Ukrainian refugees from Moldova.

So far, a total of 3,901,713 Ukrainian refugees have reached the EU/EEA countries and Moldova.

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