Nearly 700 to 1,400 New Ukrainian Refugees Are Registered Every Day in Switzerland

The Swiss Federal Council has called on civil protection to support the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) regarding the number of arrivals from Ukraine at its meeting last week, on April 6, 2022.

In a statement issued on the same day, the Council announced that refugee movements due to the war in Ukraine pose major challenges to asylum structures in Switzerland, as civil protection will support SEMs in the emergency accommodation of those seeking protection, reports.

“Since the introduction of protection status S for those seeking protection from Ukraine on March 12, 2022, the Federal Asylum Centres (BAZ) have recorded between 700 and 1400 admissions every day. The federal and cantonal authorities are faced with the challenge of quickly registering these people and examining their applications, as well as accommodating and caring for them,” the statement reads.

According to the Federal Council, Civil protection can be established in the event of disasters and emergencies affecting some cantons or the whole of Switzerland.

Valid up until October 31, 2022, the Swiss Federal Council has approved a contingent of defence service recruits with a maximum quota of 24,000 days of service, with costs totalling 1.2 million Swiss francs. So far, the Federal Council has only used the support of those undergoing protection service for operations to deal with the pandemic.

“Civil protection will provide services, in particular for the construction and operation of emergency accommodation if the conventional structures (e.g., in the federal asylum centres) are working at full capacity or are overburdened. Civil protection can also be used to look after and support people from Ukraine who are seeking protection,” the statement also notes while explaining what civil protection is useful for.

Civil protection is also used for a limited time to overcome staff barriers and is replaced as soon as possible by the SEM or by SEM-mandated institutions. In addition to civil protection, the civil service also supports SEM.

The Federal Office for Civil Service has already deployed additional civil servants (Zivis) and called in others so that around 100 Zivis can be deployed during April and May to be able to support SEM.

Zivis also supports companies operating in the asylum system as part of routine operations and emergency operations requests which may be submitted for further cantonal support. Needs coordination and resource allocation is done within the “Federal Resource Management” process in consultation with other federal service providers.

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