Italian Court: Non-EU Migrants Should Receive Household Allowance Benefits Like Italians

Migrants from countries outside the European Union who hold long-term residence in Italy have the right to receive the household allowance benefits like Italian citizens, even if their family members stayed behind in their country of origin, the Italian Constitutional Court has said.

In addition, the ruling said that these migrants are entitled to benefit even if their family members, such as spouse and children, temporarily reside in their country of origin, reports.

According to a report published by Info Migrants Consulta (Constitutional Court), applied European law, which is called “the cornerstone on which the community of national courts rests, held together by converging rights and obligations.”

Such a plan has been supported by Courts for many years. In addition, the decision has also been supported by the Association for Juridical Studies on Immigration (ASGI), which protects migrants from countries outside the European Union in court against Italian social security agency INPS.

The issue was raised by the Italian supreme Cassation Court while urging for further examination after an EU court judge said that discriminating distinctions are intolerable.

Judges with jurisdiction in this zone must not apply the rules regarding the household allowance (ANF) that differentiate family members living in the household and those living in other countries.

“The family must be helped even if it lives across different geographic borders, perhaps for reasons of war, religious culture, or contingent situations,” ASGI attorney Alberto Guariso pointed out in this regard.

He considered the ruling very important.

“Now the country’s public administration, and therefore INPS, must also directly follow the ruling, granting the household allowance to all non-EU workers in our country who have legal documents, even if they have a wife and children who stayed in their country of origin,” Guariso said.

The data provided by the Italian Interior Ministry previously revealed that more than 10,000 migrants reached Italy for a period from January until May 2021, marking a threefold increase compared to the same period last year’s figures.

According to the figures provided by UNHCR in 2021, a total of 67,477 refugees and migrants entered Italy by sea, while nearly 9,400 reached the country by land from Slovenia.

In this regard, in December, five cities in Italy committed to promoting the inclusion of refugees through the adoption of the document called Integration Charter.

Authorities in Italy are attempting to find effective ways to deal with a large number of migrants.

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