Iceland Plans to Deport Around 200 Asylum Seekers Back to Their First Country of Asylum 

Despite the high number of protests within the country, the Icelandic authorities are planning to deport 200 asylum seekers back to the countries where they first submitted their asylum requests.

According to media reports, among asylum seekers that will be deported is also one person with a physical disability. Such a thing has raised concerns as well as has caused protests from several organisations to be held in the country, as according to them if asylum seekers get sent back, they face inhuman and poor living standards.

Info Migrants explains that Iceland plans to proceed with its plan to deport a high number of people from its territory. Reportedly, the government of Iceland has reduced the number of planned deportation to 200 people.

Originally, the country planned to send back around 300 persons. Nonetheless, even though the number has been lowered, the country has been facing criticism, especially from human rights organisations, reports.

It is believed that the majority of asylum seekers that will be sent back are nationals of Iraq and Nigeria. In addition, it has been revealed that they will be mainly sent back to Greece as their first asylum requests were submitted there.

Similar to different organisations, the Icelandic Red Cross has also expressed its concerns about sending asylum seekers back to Greece, Info Migrants notes. The latter explains that deporting asylum seekers to Greece would be damaging to their well-being as migrants have been living there without running water.

Earlier in May, it was reported that asylum seekers in the camp on Samos receive only 4.5 litres of water per person per day. Such an amount is given to a person to cover all of their need from washing to drinking.

Commenting on this particular matter, the Greek Migration Minister, Notis Mitorakis, said back then that the amount of water was reduced due to breakage at one of the water pumps. However, organisations working within the camp said that this is only of many problems.

Apart from Greece, another destination to which asylum seekers are meant to be returned is Hungary. Hungary deports people to Iraq and Nigeria. These two countries are considered to be safe even though many individuals flee from them because of different forms of prosecution.

Taking into account the current obstacles that asylum seekers have to go through, the Icelandic authorities are yet to come out with an official announcement regarding the decision to deport asylum seekers.

The current Icelandic law does not permit sending a foreigner or a stateless person back to an area where the individual has reason to fear prosecution.

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