Germany Facilitates Immigration Procedures for Ukrainian Jews Fleeing the Warzone

Starting from next week, Ukrainian Jews fleeing the war will be able to apply for “Jewish immigration” in Germany using the simplified procedure, the Council of Jews in Germany has announced in a press release issued on Monday, March 14.

While the regular procedure requires the applicant to file the application at the German embassy in their country of origin, in this case in Kyiv, before departure, the German authorities have decided to permit Ukrainians of Jewish roots to apply from Germany.

Due to the war, it is currently not possible to submit a regular application to the German Embassy in Kyiv as part of Jewish immigration to Germany. For this reason, the Central Council of Jews has agreed with the federal government that Jews from Ukraine can apply for “Jewish immigration” in Germany using the simplified procedure,” the press release explains.

Furthermore, the Council notes that the “Jewish immigration” permits Ukrainian Jews to apply for asylum in Germany under simplified procedures, including here by not having to present German certificate A1 or to proof of integration into the German society.

Yet, the Council highlights that there are still some requirements that must be met. Jews fleeing the war in Ukraine will have to submit an application that includes original documents that prove their Jewish origin.

Applications will be processed by the Central Welfare Office of Jews in Germany and the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, and those who have their applications approved will receive a settlement permit, which is a permanent residence title. This document will enable those who obtain it to work and live anywhere in Germany.

According to the press release, the facilitated procedures will apply only for Jews from Ukraine and not for those from other countries, including here Russia and Belarus.

For Jews from Russia and Belarus, the previous regular procedure will not change. Applications for Jewish immigration can only be submitted to the German diplomatic mission in Moscow or Minsk,” it is noted.

There are no exact data on the number of Jews living in Ukraine before the invasion. Yet it is estimated that the number of Jews in Ukraine is more than 360,000, 110,000 of which in Kyiv, about 60,000 in Dnipro, 45,000 in Kharkiv, 54,000 in Odesa, etc.

>> Over 300k Jews in Ukraine Could Be Eligible for German Citizenship by Descent & Ancestry Amid the War

According to the German laws on citizenship, Jews coming from Ukraine, who can prove that their descendants were stripped of German nationality due to Nazi laws, are eligible for German nationality.

If you have ancestors who are German, you may also be a German citizen by descent,” says in this regard.

At the same time, children of German and former German citizens who were born before January 1, 1975, or July 1, 1993, and were prevented from obtaining German citizenship are also eligible to become German citizens again, given that they meet the conditions.

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