EU Commission Presents 10-Point Plan On Stronger Support for Countries Hosting Ukrainian Refugees

The European Commission and Member States’ Home Affairs Ministers, on Monday, March 28, through a press release, presented a ten-point plan for stronger European coordination for the reception of people fleeing the war in Ukraine.

The EU Commission has included in the ten-point plan an EU registration platform in order to exchange information on those benefiting from temporary protection and national protection statuses, reports.

In addition, the Commission also introduced a coordinated approach at the EU level for transport and information centres, which the European Union Asylum Agency (EUAA) supports.

The EUAA, the Safe Homes Commission Initiative, will provide targeted support to the Member States based on operational plans and coordinate the network of EU reception agencies and authorities.

“The Commission will develop a common EU index into which the Member States, European Agencies, and International Organisations should feed. Together with the European Union Agency for Asylum, the Commission will develop standard operating procedures and uniform guidance for the reception and support of children, and the Commission to develop specific procedures for the transfer of unaccompanied minors,” the statement reads.

The Commission will support the Member States and develop a joint European contingency and response plan and, at the same time, develop international emergency plans to address medium and long-term needs.

The plan, which intends to strengthen coordination and solidarity efforts with Ukrainian refugees, also includes the following points:

  • A joint anti-trafficking plan to prevent trafficking and exploitation
  • Reinforced solidarity with authorities in Moldova through increased transfers and rapid deployment of Frontex teams in Moldova.
  • A reinforced framework for international cooperation in safe destinations. In cooperation with relevant agencies and other relevant partners, the Solidarity Platform will coordinate contacts with Canada, the USA, the UK, and other international partners.
  • The European Multidisciplinary Platform Network against Criminal Threats (EMPACT) and Europol will support the Member States to ensure maximum vigilance against organised crime and trafficking groups and ensure the implementation of EU sanctions against Russian and Belarusian individuals.
  • Adequate resources and funding. A comprehensive “One-stop shop” has been set up to bring together all relevant Commission experts to provide comprehensive guidance and individualised support to the EU Member States.

The European Commission has stated that strong coordination at the European level, with the support of the Member States, is the key to an effective response.

In addition, the EU Solidarity Platform will also act as an operational pillar for such coordination, including coordination with relevant Ukrainian counterparts.

According to the latest data from the United Nations, over four million people have already fled the war in Ukraine.

The largest number of Ukrainian refugees so far has been accepted by Poland with 2,336,799, followed by Romania with 608,936, Moldova with 387,151, Hungary with 364,804, and Slovakia with 281,172.

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