35% of Applications for International Protection in Belgium Received Positive Answer in February, Data Shows

791 people in total received international protection (35) and were granted refugee status (756) by Belgian authorities, out of 2,290 applications lodged for international protection in Belgium last month which made up for 46 per cent of the total filed applications for 2022 (4,970), the authorities have revealed.

According to the Office of the Commissioner-General for Refugees and Stateless Persons, no applications for international protection in the context of resettlement were lodged, while the number of subsequent applications was 405 out of all 862 filed this year, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

Furthermore, the total number of persons who received a decision for their asylum application reached 1,830, accounting for 62 per cent of all decisions issued so far this year.

Top nationalities to apply for international protection last month include Afghanistan nationals (442), with 421 people filing applications for international protection and 21 applying for asylum for a second time. The second country of origin of asylum applications filed were Palestinian nationals lodging a total of 164 applications – 143 out of which were first-time applications and 21 were repeated applications.

In addition, the number of asylum applications filed by Ukrainian nationals also grew, with 144 applications lodged – 124 out of which were first-time applications and 20 were follow-ups from their previous applications.

However, applications from Ukrainian nationals increased only in February, as the top nationality for most lodged applications for the first two months of the year is Afghanistan nationality, with 978 applications filed – 20 per cent of all applications filed, followed by Palestinian nationals (366), Syrians (322), Eritreans (228), Moldovans (167), Georgians (156) and last Ukrainian and Guinean nationals lodging three per cent of all applications for January/February 2022, accounting for 156 applications each.

Furthermore, the total number of final decisions issued in 2022 reached 2,799, with a recognition rate of 43.4 per cent (1,216 decisions) and 53.6 per cent (1,502) refused decisions. Nationalities with most refusals were Palestinians – 8.5 per cent or 127 refusals from the total, followed by Iraq nationals (87) and Syrians (72), who also had the highest refugee statuses granted (215 or 17.6 per cent of the total).

35% Of Applications For International Protection In Belgium Received Positive Answer In February, Data Shows 2

The data further shows that 171 Afghanistan nationals were granted refugee status, six received subsidiary protection, and 32 were denied refugee status, accounting for 205 total decisions issued for this nationality.

Eritrean nationals with a total of 196 decisions issued and 167 refugee statuses recognised and Turks with 108 decisions and 87 positive decisions followed.

In addition, 62 decisions granting subsidiary protection were issued, accounting for 2.2 per cent of all decisions, while 19 protection statuses were revoked or ended.

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