1 in 4 People Living in Germany Have Migrant Background

The number of persons living in Germany who have a ‘migrant background’ keeps on increasing each day.

According to a press release that has been issued by the statistics agency of Germany, Destatis, over one in four people who currently live in Germany have a migrant background, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

A recent survey carried out by the agency reveals that by the end of last year, around 22.3 million people had a migrant background. This means that 27.2 per cent of the entire population in Germany has a so-called migrant background.

In addition, the same explains that in 2021 Germany registered an increase of two per cent compared to 2020. In 2020, the country estimated that around 21.9 million people had a migrant background.

“In 2021, 22.3 million people had a migrant background, representing 27.2 per cent of the population in Germany. Based on results of the micro census, the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) also reports that this was an increase of two per cent compared with a year earlier (2020: 21.9 million),” the statement of Destatis reads.

According to Deutsche Welle, most people with a migrant background that currently live in Germany are from Europe and Asia. Approximately 7.5 million persons have links to other EU countries, 3.5 million to the Middle East and another 1.1 million to Ukraine.

If looking at countries individually, most of the people with a migrant background have reached Germany from Turkey, Poland, and Russia. Turkey is the largest country of origin with 12 per cent of the group, followed by Poland with ten per cent, and Russia with six per cent.

The same source noted that in 46 per cent of the cases, persons with a migrant background spoke mostly German in their homes. After German, Turkish is the second most popular language (eight per cent of people with migrant background speak Turkish at home), followed by the Russian language with seven per cent, and Arabic with five per cent.

Since the report included only data gathered up until the end of 2021, it is yet unknown in what ways has the war in Ukraine affected the overall figures.

The German Federal Police reveals that Germany has registered over 316,000 Ukrainian refugees so far. Of the total number of Ukrainian nationals who have reached Germany until now, 84 per cent of them are women.

The majority of these women, 58 per cent, left Ukraine with their children and another 17 per cent were unaccompanied.

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